4 Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents In Parking Lots


Accidents in parking lots are more common than you may think. Around one in five auto accidents occur in parking lots, and around 60,000 people are injured every year in parking lot accidents. Distractions and blocked vision are the most common causes of parking lot accidents. Here are some tips for staying safe while parking.

Keep an Eye Out

Don’t text, make your phone calls, or look at the news or social media while you’re pulling in or out of a parking lot. You need to keep an eye out for cars that are pulling out of parking spots or driving past you while you are pulling out. Pedestrians, including children, may pop out from behind cars or poles. In addition, watch out for cars when you are walking to and from your own car.

Drive Slowly

Make sure to drive slowly and cautiously in a parking lot. Vehicles and pedestrians can appear suddenly, and you need to be prepared to stop.

Pull Out Safely

Accidents in parking lots often occur when backing out of a parking space. Before backing out, do an inspection around your vehicle to make sure that there are no obstacles. When pulling out, turn your head to look in all directions; do not rely on your mirrors. Pull out slowly so that you do not take a passing driver by surprise.

Park Smartly

When parking, choose a spot that has enough space for your car on both sides. This will reduce the chances of banging into other cars when pulling in or out. If possible, get a spot that will allow you to drive out through the parking spot in the front of your car if it is unoccupied. If you know how to back into a parking spot without excessive maneuvers, do that instead of pulling in forward so that you can drive out of the spot safely.

If you get into an accident, contact us for legal help immediately.

Original article from Hogan Injury.


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