4 Tips to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life


4 Tips to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

One of the facts using iPhones is for its long battery life. The unique advantage due to which the Apple Company is still on top is because of developing all its Apps to work perfectly with amazing speed. However,  there is some kind of apps that run in the background and consume lots of battery power. Thankfully, there are some brilliant battery-saving tips that improve the life of the battery and make the iPhone run all-day-long. Most of the iPhone or Apple Device Apps offer an easy-to-use interface, wherein some features do not support or cope with the iOS’s comprehensive software. Therefore, we’ve got the best tips to enhance the iPhone’s battery life, from settings to third-party apps while preserving most of the unwanted battery usage. This article explains some spectacular tips for iOS 10 and higher versions to bring-back your iPhone’s one-day long battery-stand

1Turn on Low Power Mode

An option called ‘Low Power Mode’ is there on every iPhone after the OS updates to iOS 9, where it reduces overall battery power and makes the battery to use for least amount of work. The mode automatically restricts the unwanted as well as important notifications, running background apps and auto-refresh of visual effects, however, one gets alert for incoming calls, which rings for one-time only.

The low-power mode is not the default one, and it is offered by the OS at the time when iPhone’s battery reaches to 20% in discharged state. At 20%, the battery icon on the top right turns its color to orange from green and offers to turn on Low Power Mode. However, it can be turned ON at anytime, where one has to manually turn ON the mode by this step:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode – Tap to turn it ON.

Even, a voice message to Siri (Personal Assistant) can turn this Mode ON.

For your convenience, we have pointed the Steps in the screenshots.









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