A father pulled forcefully his daughter at the airport


A video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dFI7T7jEu0Ih has circulated rapidly, where a father was seen dragging his daughter by her hooded jacket at an airport in Virginia, USA. The person who captured this upsetting scene was there at that time and was waiting for another traveller.

It seems like her father was dragging her without her permission or it could be something that “she does not like to travel to wherever they were going”. However, her sibling seen following them and all 3 moved in front of the baggage reclaim area.

Most people commented that this type of surroundings is as often, and this does not really bother anyone nowadays. However, we are still waiting for the accurate information about the incident. If someone who reads this has got any new update about this, then we would request to comment in the box provided.


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