A Generic Prayer


A generic prayer for men and woman of the cloth. This has been edited from a prayer that I wrote for a spammer, man who called himself a preacher and his congregation was in trouble. Once I sent him the prayer he quit sending emails. Almighty God, heavenly Father, you who sits high above the realms of glory, hear our prayer. You and You alone know the answers to all petitions, to all concerns, hopes and dreams. You and you alone can resolve them. We beseech you, Lord, to cause a deeper desire to know You more, to depend on You more to resolve conflicts, to heal the wounded, those wounded in spirit. Open the minds, the ears, and the hearts of those who want to reject you or want to cause chaos. You, Lord, are our Father. We are your children. All we need do is have a conversation with you just as we would our earthly parents. It is not with flattery that we praise You but with all heartfelt earnest. Without You we would not be here. Without you there would not be Jesus. Without You who would we go to in prayer? All pastors, preachers, priests, men and women of the cloth, need prayerful support. Only You know all the specifics for each denomination. As it is with all men and women of the cloth, they need encouragement. They need foresight. They need the support of their flock. Most of all the flock needs to be inspired, to be willing to give You glory and praise for what they may have and trust in You for their sustenance. It is with a grateful heart that I beseech You for help for all pastors, preachers, priests and men and women of the cloth and their congregations, their peoples. Guide them in the direction You want them to go. Guide their peoples in the direction they need to go. Uplift them Lord so they have the strong desire to continue in the faith, to continue in their support of their pastors, preachers, and priests missions, to uplift You and bring about new life to their peoples. Regenerate their faith in human kindness, in trust in You. We ask that You help all peoples to follow Your command, Lord, and be kind to one another regardless of faith, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of their station in life. If one is wealthy with financial wealth, they are impoverished if they do not know You and cherish You. They are impoverished if they do not help those who are in need of the necessities of life. Spiritual death is the worst of all. Without God is to be in darkness. To walk in the light of the SON is to be our desire. This is my request for all pastors, preachers, priests, men and women of the cloth, and their congregations.

All this I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen. Carolyn aka Moonlightflower – Let it be known that I am a Roman Catholic.


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