1. Jan 10,11,12 participated in a three day round table by Dr Israr Ahmed on Islamic Revolution at Quran Academy, Lahore. Was invited as part of a group of scholars from different faiths including Christian, Jewish and Muslim from the US and Europe to critique and debate the issues. Proceedings being published by Pluto Press, London – expected 2005.
  2. Jan 10 pm; discussion group at Iqbal Academy, Lahore on Iqbal and his work and areas for further study.
  3. Jan 13 went as a group to a day trip to the Golden Temple, Amritsar along with all the invited scholars.
  4. Jan 15 participated in x Conference on ‘Global Issues of Peace and Justice: Faith Perspectives’ at Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad and presented the paper ‘Quest for a Just, Peaceful and Humane Society – A Nanakian Perspective.’ The article also published in Jan-Jun 2004 issue of Journal of Sikh Studies and Comparative Religion, New Delhi.
  5. Jan 16 participate in an inter faith meeting at Christian Study Center, Rawal Pindi, on the inter faith activity and issues in Pakistan.
  6. March 15 recipient of ‘Indus Award – 2004’ awarded to “luminaries in the New England’s South Asian community who shine at what they do,” the citation saying “through activism and writing, he is helping, in his way, to tip the scale of religious tolerance toward healing, inclusion and understanding.”
  7. April 5 lunch interview with Hartford Courant on the upcoming Baisakhi Festival reporting followed by April 18 facilitating Frances Taylor’s Gurdwara visit and interviews with congregants.
  8. Concurrent initiation, follow up and finalization of Official Citation by Connecticut General Assembly on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of installation of Guru Granth Sahib. Citation received April 27 from Senator Kevin Sullivan, President Pro tem CT Senate.
  9. May 8,9 participated in the International Conference on the Universal Message of Guru Granth Sahib at San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Presented the paper ‘Dharti, Dharam & Dhur: Nanak’s Vision of Eternal Human Quest.’
  10. Article ‘Singh’s Leadership Could be Boon for India’s Poor, World’s Sikhs’ in India New England, Jun15 issue, on Manmohan Singh becoming the PM of India.
  11. Jun 17 to 23 at Hindu University, Orlando for various meetings, graduation ceremony and other activities.
  12. Jun 26 organized participation of and introduced the performing artists from the Punjabi Cultural Association at their presentation in Bushnell Park at Hartford as part of ‘Cultural Awareness Day.’
  13. Article ‘Has the Moment Arrived?’ published as the lead comment in Special section of Sikh Review, July issue, in honor of Manmohan Singh becoming the Indian PM.
  14. Helped coordinate the first Farmington Cultural Festival with the Town Human Relations Commission and introduced the Punjabi performers at the festival on Jul 24.
  15. Article Dharti Dharamsal, the Sikh Concept of Dharam in the maiden issue of Journal ‘Remainder’, New Delhi.
  16. Sep 1 – article on the 400th anniversary based on my interview published in India New England.
  17. Sep 11 offered Sikh prayer at the LEVAS festival inter-faith prayer at the Bushnell Park.
  18. Sep 12 offered the Sikh prayer for Remembrance, Peace and Harmony at the inter faith prayer for Remembrance and Peace organized by Connecticut Council for inter –religious Understanding at Emmanuel Synagogue, West Hartford. Event was covered by CBS Channel 3, Hartford Courant, and West Hartford News. The report in Courant included a 5×7 picture of Sikh presentation.
  19. Sep 14 submitted an article to Eco-Justice Network News at their request ‘Guru Granth Sahib – the Sikh Scripture: Quadricentennial Anniversary’ for their next issue.
  20. Sep 17 invited for a dinner meeting with and an address by Shri Ashok Singhal, President VHP, India.
  21. Sep 24-26 – ESHI conference at Rutgers University; presented summary of my findings concerning Sikhs in US education based on my interaction with a focus group at Southington Gurdwara and literature survey; chaired a session on College education at the Conference
  22. Attended conference at Istanbul Oct 2-5 – invited to offer remarks at the opening session – Responses of Nursi, Vir Singh, Gandhi and Iqbal to the emerging Issues of early 20th century. Presented paper on ‘Contentment in Search of Inner Peace – A Look at Thought of Nursi & Sikh Gurus.’ Interviewed by several newspapers, magazines and for two documentaries slated for release in 2005/2006.
  23. Nov 14 weekend offered a daylong seminar on Sikhism for Interfaith Ministers at Mt Eden Retreat Resort, NJ.
  24. Attended Hartford Prayer Breakfast and renegotiated continued Sikh participation; put Ripi Singh on the Organizing Committee.
  25. Nov21 CT Festival of the Sacred in Music, Dance and Chant – planned, coordinated and led Sikh participation.
  26. Article ‘Pakistan & Sikhs’ – feedback that Sikh Review will publish it in their Jan/Feb. issues and sent to Ibrahim for wider reach to Muslims.
  27. Submitted article ‘The Inclusive & Universal in Guru Granth Sahib: Challenges This Anniversary’ for the Orlando Conference to celebrate 400th anniversary of GGS installation.
  28. Submitted expanded/ rewritten article ‘Inclusive & Universal in Granth – from Celebrating to Sharing’ for publication in Remainder
  29. Article ‘Some Reflections on the Bani of Guru Ram Das’ for publication in the Journal of Sikh Studies and Comparative Religion.
  30. Research topics for field work in India sent to Gurdip Grewal.
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