Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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King is a character that has more of a defensive approach rather than a full blown offensive one, despite popular belief. King has to be played carefully since he has a limited range and is very unsafe. King relies on quick strikes, good movement, and a very good view on punishment. In game he is known for his speed and has an arsenal of over 200 moves in his command list. (Source: Wikipedia)

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Delhi HC lifts official prohibition on sale of e-cigarettes and vapes until its next...

The Delhi High Court has lifted the ban on the sale and connected deals of e-cigarettes and vapes, which was issued by DGHS...
Yashvir Singh to mark India’s debut at Mister STAR Universe pageant

Yashvir Singh to mark India’s debut at Mister STAR Universe pageant

Yashivir Singh from the national capital city of New Delhi will represent India at the upcoming edition of Mister STAR Universe pageant scheduled to...

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Sikhi & Human Rights

I think that notwithstanding some reservations that I may have Jasdev ji has raised some important points in his missives. Gurbani teaches us to...