Avengers Infinity War: Who is behind Steve? Is that Captain Marvel?


Observant Marvel fans turn assured that they’ve found Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) walking behind Captain America (Chris Evans) in the just-released Super Bowl trailer.

An appearance by Wolverine in Avengers: Infinity War – a rumour that had rolled worldwide, the same way Marvel fans are now thinking for Captain Marvel to appear in the upcoming superhero film that to be expected to release in May, this year.

The few-second video that released on Monday had shown a glimpse of Captain Marvel behind Captain America walking towards the camera along with Black Widow and a wounded Vision. Eventually, a few Marvel fans on Social Media believe that the Trinity of these three is now a quartet including Captain Marvel. They had also marked that cameo character as Brie Larson on the Internet.

Look at the ‘Yellow’ mark. A small silhouette of Captain Marvel behind Steve.

It is, however, more likely to see Captain Marvel in the upcoming Avengers movie than the Wolverine. We had seen Spider-Man and Black Panther performed for the first time in the Captain America: Civil War movie as their single-handed film was yet not released even before this. Therefore, the chances are further for the Captain Marvel cameo to be introduced in the upcoming movie – Avengers: Infinity War.


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