Because I Love You


This content was Originally Posted on portrayed by Carolyn Bigler Hebert.

I long for you to envelop me

in your warm embrace

taking me in with every breath,

every heartbeat.

I long to stir in you

a fiery passion that can’t

be extinguished and watch you

in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

I long for your world and mine to join,

become as one,

learn from you and you from me,

taking us to new heights together.

I long to fill your world

with all the colors of the rainbow,

to take your goals to newer heights.

I long to be filled

with the fragrance of you,

and savor your entire being,

while fulfilling all your fantasies.

I long to take you

on a magic journey ride

to a part of paradise

that only we two can share,

alone, secluded,

in the moonlight of your embrace.

When every part of you is one with me,

I want to watch

as you ride me with a fiery passion

that makes your eyes sparkle

and your lips wet with strong desires

to kiss me all over and I you.

I long to rock with you

in the cradle of love

and listen to the gentle movement

of the ocean’s waves,

as your body is gently moving

over mine in total ecstasy.

I long to return every movement,

every kiss, with rhythms

that is music to your ears,

a melody that only we two can hear.

I long to stir within you a passion so hot,

hot like lava flowing from a volcano,

bathing me inside and out.

I long to dowse you in my love,

dancing, spinning,

soaring higher and higher

till we reach the stars.

I long to stir

within you the very core

that makes you uniquely you,

like no other.

Because I love you.

Copyright © Carolyn B Hebert

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