Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality, we carry, is essential to the Newfrenzy.Org users and we will not let the responsibility to go down at any moment. We will protect the data that brings the course of communication with the website. Hence, we are building the confidence for users to understand the data that we accumulate and use.

Visitor and User Information:-

Visitor and User account information, such as Email Id, address, phone number, passwords, payment information, etc., remains saved in reliance and will never sell to any third party, however, may use it for the intend of furnishing services represented on Newfrenzy.Org.

Email Secrecy:

  • Email Newsletter & Subscription Form(s) Newfrenzy.Org uses various forms when visitors tour the website and request them to subscribe Newsletters and other notifications based news on the categories they are of interest. We gather communication information (like name, email Id) and save it on the website’s server for any future intent.
  • Email ID Authentication Newfrenzy.Org provides privileges for n number of Email Ids that a user wishes to register for getting Newsletters or notifications. We require confirmation from each email id used on the website for subscription or any other conduct. A reply by clicking “Confirmation” button is a must for completing the subscription to any of the Newfrenzy.Org resources. The “Unsubscribe” option is available at the end of each email communication/Newsletter, and thereby, granting a choice to get empty-down the future subscriptions.

User/Visitor Information

The email message with a request that a user/visitor has/had sent to us is subject to enhance the quality of our services. We keep them to process each request as per given information.

Transactional Association

We may think that the users have interested in a transactional association with Newfrenzy.Org and as a result of that, we require an email id to communicate for the service delivery.

Personal Details that we gather:

  • Newfrenzy.Org saves and gathers personal details on the server such as name, email id, phone number and more while registering visitors for different services. We will not offer these details to other Newfrenzy.Org users or third party clients.
  • Newfrenzy.Org uses cookies (a bit of data cached on the user’s workstation) and other methods to present viewers/users with an enhanced experience and to make them learn to use our services.
  • Newfrenzy.Org website may save the login information on the servers at any time when a user validates his account with the site or any of our services. It may include data such as IP address, MAC address, browser information, entree time and date, device OS, country, language, and the number of sessions that help fix problems & deliver services accordingly.

Exercises of personal information:

  • Newfrenzy.Org may employ the personal information of the users/visitors in R&A that will receive with feedback(s) to improve and accomplish the services, we deliver.
  • Third parties assist users while transacting currency (example: shopping cart service provider) and take the personal information held accordance with our confidentiality and security measures.
  • Newfrenzy.Org may share information with third parties in restrained situations, that is when required by legal means for stopping any fraud or harm to our network & services.
  • Newfrenzy.Org may use the mail and email address to ship users the items or information relevant to their categories or our services.
  • Newfrenzy.Org may send surveys to users/visitors for improving the services.
  • Newfrenzy.Org may cancel out the accounts which are inactive for days.

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