Daily Stressors


Going through some of my writings, actually looking for something in particular. God gave each of us gifts, talents. What we do with our gifts and talents is our gift back to God. So if we abuse or neglect ourselves or others that is a disgrace and an insult to God. Should we not use our gifts and talents constructively for the betterment of ourselves and others? I believe so. Last night while praying I mentioned the people on our prayer list at church repeating some of them because they specifically asked for prayers, mentioned some friends, family and that preacher I wrote a prayer for and included President Trump. My husband said the whole world needs prayer. I then thought of the prayer I wrote for the youth of America and included the youth of the world. That should be edited to include adults also, everybody. I will work on that unless I already have it. I just might at that. Then I found this…..it’s a good writing.   Praise You, God, for answering prayers. Thank You, Abba Father, for responding to our needs regardless how great or small. Greatness and smallness does not always have the same meaning and are only great or small according to our interpretations, translations at the moment. Nothing is too small for You. No problem we may have is smaller than a grain of sand, yet, You cared enough to make that grain of sand.  Praise You, Father!

Daily stressors affect us differently dependent upon, not only our walk with You, but most importantly our family’s and friend’s walk with You. When in the deepness of despair, misery, and tribulations our thoughts turn to self-pity and fear, not from lack of love and trust, in You, but from lack of faith in ourselves and others.  We grow too weak Lord, to concentrate and keep a positive constructive line of thought because of the weakness and tiredness excess stressors puts on our physical bodies. Too weak sometimes, Lord, to even say hello to You or anyone, too tired to curl up on Your lap and have a conversation with You. But, now at this moment we are curling up on Your lap and You are putting Your loving arms around us to comfort and heal and listen because You are returning that strength.

Give to us a command for words that will not only amaze ourselves, family and friends but will astonish our own selves. To You we give the glory for that answered prayer. Give to us the desire to boldly use our God given talents with an effervescent style and zest.

Bring to us awareness yet undiscovered talents, gifts You placed in us that have been hidden under a bushel so our lights could not shine. Bind what put the flame out; rekindle it to an eternal flame of passion for You. Only You know all and only You can heal all permanently because You can are the great physician.

Remind us to write our goals on paper, Lord. You put Your goals in writing, The Holy Bible. Are we to do less? It is the written and the spoken word that becomes embedded in our minds. Even Satan knows scripture, makes his plans, and follows through. Are we lower than this lowly creature? No! Emphatically, NO! You abide in us and us in You, therefore, we must make Your will our will.

Thank YOU in advance as we stand on Your word and Your promises that what is “bound on earth shall be bound in heaven” and what is “loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” “Weather forecast?” Expecting showers of blessings because it’s beginning to rain! Hallelujah! Amen!

I promise to use my talents, not need to or should, but WILL, of my God given Free WILL! To not pray for self is the sin of omission and allows the devil into our lives.

©Carolyn Bigler Hebert 7/17/1995

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