Delhi: A person’s misconception with a constable, tries to ‘deal’ minor girl, thinking him a trafficker


A snare devised against a man and his associate discerning that a girl had been enticed from a place and raped before the two accused decided to sell her in a red-light district, Delhi.

While doing the duty in a red-light district, Delhi, a constable in civilian dress was accosted by a man who aspired to “sell” a minor girl. The constable, who had played smartly there, asked the man to bring the girl. He caught the man and his associate red-handed, with the other police personnel while suddenly recognizing that the girl induced from a railway station on prior request from her brothers to get a job. Instead of that, they raped her and tried to “sell” her at a location in the red-light district, Delhi.

Police identified the accused, who was a cab driver for a private company and his associate after the girl freed from their keeping.

Describing how the girl freed, a police officer said, “The constable appeared like a customer and opposed the settlement with the accused. Then the officer told that the accused said he required to speak to his employer and noted down officer’s number.” Later, they all get caught.


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