Dominar to Enfield 650cc – A few bikes that speed 160 km/h+


The best-ever season for bike lovers to spend-in for the true will-o’-the-wisps; yes, this time it’s a ‘YES’. Sports bikes with an overabundance options ready in the entry-level performance section can move at such speeds that will appease most users’ demands. Check-out the bikes that can hit an occult figure of 160 km/h+ on the speedometer.

Bajaj Dominar

  • Engine capacity: 370cc
  • Maximum power: 34.5 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 35 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 1, 42,000 (On-road Delhi)

Bajaj’s 1st endowment power-cruiser was one of the most expected bikes of 2016; however, collectively it is a satisfactory bike giving value for money. The 373cc engine makes the bike to reach up to a speed of 170 km/h.

Dominar is a successful tourer bike for long-distance riders.

TVS Apache RR 310

  • Engine capacity: 312cc
  • Maximum power: 33 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 27.3 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 2, 15,000 (On-road Delhi)

TVS’ bold and lively bike got launched just a month back and is flattering among bike riders. The 312cc reverse tending engine sets a less power & torque in its lightweight machinery comparing to Bajaj’s Dominar. RR 310 succeeded in giving excellent performance.


  • Engine capacity: 373cc
  • Maximum power: 42 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 35 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 2, 35,000 (On-road Delhi)

The KTM RC390 or the Racer Comfort has acknowledged as the best sporty bike under Rs. 4 lakh. The refreshed version hasn’t disappointed and recapitulated with an exciting performance. The sporty model can reach over 175 km/h easily.

KTM Duke 390

  • Engine capacity: 373cc
  • Maximum power: 42 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 37 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 2, 38,000 (On-road Delhi)

The new-age Duke 390 recommences to offer an exciting performance. It looks distinguished and moves like an on-road aircraft. With an aero-worn-structure, Duke 390 displays a self-propelled smirking feel inside the helmet.

Benelli TNT 300

  • Engine capacity: 300cc
  • Maximum power: 38 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 26.5 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 3, 08,000 (On-road Delhi)

The high-end naked bike among these is the Benelli TNT 300. The additional cc engine leaves it to hit at such speeds that reach up to 200 km/h, as compared to RC390. TNT 300 offers a lesser torque powered engine as compared to RC390. Altogether, it feels like a big bike. The TNT 300 makes us feel like riding a beast on the road.

Benelli 302R

  • Engine capacity: 302cc
  • Maximum power: 38 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 26.5 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 3, 48,000 (On-road Delhi)

Benelli 302R is the TNT’s full-faired bike in the 300cc range. It has the same power & torque as that of TNT 300, however, the performance is much better as compared to its latter. The aerodynamic form on its body gives it a premium look from all angles. With ABS-in for front and rear, 302R does a speed of over 170 km/h on the speedometer.

Royal Enfield 650cc twins

  • Engine capacity: 648cc
  • Maximum power: 52 bhp
  • Maximum torque: 47 Nm
  • Price: Rs. 4, 00,000+ (On-road Delhi)

The modish Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650 partake the same structure and have the same new parallel-twin 648cc cylinder engine. These bikes appear with 6-speed manual ride slipper clutch gear and give a top speed of 180 km/h at a time.


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