Family Reunites: WhatsApp helped a man to rejoin his blood relations after 20 yrs


It was a heart-stirring moment for Mahaveer Singh Chauhan, when he saw his 24-year-old son, Pradyuman Singh, after 20 years. Mahaveer left his family 2 decades back when he had to face losses in a business and found no other way to restructure it, and out of shame, he left from his birthplace – Jhab village, Jalore (Rajasthan) to Mumbai. He, then, moved to Bengaluru where he worked as a supervisor.

Mahaveer on extreme left

Mahaveer sustained health issues and one day, he found unconscious in his room. His colleagues took his to a nearest Hospital and then, to Nimhans (after got to know that he is suffering from spinal injury).

When Mahaveer’s health situation deteriorated, his colleagues though to contact his family, however, they do not have any contact details of them. Eventually, they broadcasted a message on WhatsApp and implored to share as much with their friends. His driving license was used to get the identification process done, and it manifested goodness at the end by uniting a man with his family after 20 years.

Kishore, one of the colleagues of Mahaveer, was started getting calls and messages in the evening, and it was Pradyuman, who confirmed that it was his father.

On the next day, Pradyuman reached hospital at 11 PM and touched Mahaveer’s feet, a soul-stirring moment for many who were present with them at that time.

“It’s unimaginable. We believed we had lost him. My mother always said, he will come back one day.” Pradyuman stated.

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