FB CEO explains before Congress, unveils the working with Robert Mueller on Russian inquiry


Mark Zuckerberg said, “We did not take a wide view of our stability, and hence, that was a big mistake. I am sorry. I originated Facebook, I operate it, and I’m accountable for what happens here.”
The FB CEO explained that his company is “working with” attorney Robert Mueller in the 2016 presidential campaign probe. We are working hard to turn the enforcement to prevent any more data collection by any data-mining company.
The FB CEO candidly regretted his company’s errors in collapsing to provide proper protection to the personal information of its billions of users – a discussion that has brought a wave in the Facebook’s account and security, which also had brought the company’s stock value down.

At the beginning of this year, Mueller accused 16 Russian individuals including companies in a plan to prevent the 2016 presidential election by a social media promotion. Thereby, a lot of Russian ads found on Facebook. FB CEO says, “His Company will look into this probe of the Russian interference”.


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