Haj aid abolished, what about endowments proffered for other religion’s wayfaring, asks Owaisi


Striking a party for yelling Haj aid a form of a religion compromise and vote-bank campaignings, AIMIM lead Asaduddin Owaisi asserted that the party’s government in the UP state gave endowments for wayfaring and desired to know if such would also end.

Endowments also proffered on festivals in India, Owaisi asserted, figuring himself had earlier asked for the removal of the Haj aid. “Haj aid needs to end by 2022″, SC ordered a few days ago.

Owaisi, on Twitter, asked if the government in UP would stop the endowments that proffered for wayfaring to worshiping places.

He added, “I have been demanding to remove the Haj aid since 2006 & asked to use that for the education of Muslim girls. But, none ever looked into it. Why is it now after 11 years?”.

The removal of the Haj aid step is to help minorities with weight & without reconciliation.

Asserting that the government in Karnataka gave funds to pilgrims, was it for the electoral appeasement? Owaisi added. He challenged the Government to walk the talk by allocating funds for Muslim girls’ education and is waiting for the next budget that would take place in 2018-19.


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