Heavy rain and Thunderstorm forecasted in 20 states; Haryana schools closed today


A few days following dust storms inflicted destruction in some parts of Rajasthan and UP that killed 124 and injured more than 300 people. Thunderstorms accompanied by a strong wind and heavy rains are likely to befall in at least 20 states and two Union Territories across the country on 7th and 8th this month, IMD  (India Meteorological Department) has foretold. The stormy weather has reached in the parts of North India and is questionable that it was like witnessed in the last week. Following the prediction by IMD, the Haryana government has decided that all the schools in the state will remain closed for two days. Also, most of the northern states have taken the precautionary steps followed by the prediction made by IMD.

The IMD, in a report, told “Thunderstorm followed by a storm and strong wind are likely to hit in J&K, HP, Uttarakhand, & Punjab. The thunderstorm followed by a storm is likely to hit in Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi.”

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