India prepares to gift out-of-date weapons to its friendly nations


A few Indian friendly countries have proposed a requirement for the military weapons, which are obsolete, for their armed forces on a gift basis.

The effort to reinforce the defence alliance with the friendly countries is going to pay us a lot as the government has directed to gather a list of out-of-date military equipment and send them for servicing. And then they should have gifted to the friendly countries of India.

The strategy is to extend trading of modish defence platforms to these countries, to make the defence market of India viewable across the world. Though, it surprised some of the senior officials in the army and air force, who have informed that some equipment still in-use due to the shortage of capitals.

The plan is similar to the EDA (Excess Defense Assets) programme of the USA, where it sells or grants excess defence equipment to some of their preferred foreign countries at a deflated price. The price, which a weapon sold, is a percentage of its original purchase value based on its age and condition. The price ranges from five to fifty per cent of the cost. A country that is buying the weapons has to pay for packing, shipping and for servicing as well if need be.


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