India stands near to bottom at 177 in the 180-country EPI ranking


India is standing at the 177th position on the EPI (Environmental Performance Index) ranking list 2018, dropped from the 141st spot in 2016 by 36 points as per World Economic Forum report. The ranking was also due to harmful air pollution and poor performance in the EHP (Environmental Health Policy).

The PM2.5, recorded in November last year, was one of the reasons that helped to mark the rank. Additionally, the risen pollutants have increased over the past decade in India.

Switzerland took the first spot in the EPI ranking for making the country to remain diverse and productive continually, chased by France, Denmark, Malta & Sweden. In most, air quality ascertained as the leading environmental menace to public well-being.

A day next to the release of the global report of EPI, the government stated, that “The ranking has encouraged us to keep a track on the human-induced pollutants and will keep on working to protect the environment. The country is also preparing for the best to preserve its atmosphere and environment.”

Ecologists also indicated that the country should act together and grow plants to trees so that they could grapple air pollution and slow-down its effects.

“India’s not up-to-mark scores in the Environmental Health Policy has impacted the points and ranking on the EPI list.”

“Notwithstanding government’s action, wastes from oil & coal factories, pollution from crop debris burning and diesel-engine vehicles remain critically deteriorating air quality in India,” the World Economic Forum report asserted.

“Pollution is critical in countries like India & Bangladesh, whither the level of pollution is becoming higher than the estimated.”

If nothing is done forthwith for this, we will see a no-future ahead.


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