Indian-Born Becomes 1st Western To Lose Nationalized Citizenship After Trump-Regime-Entry


A 43-year old Man, from Carteret, New Jersey became an adopted citizen after marrying an American-national in 2006. His US citizenship taken-away under a government intended to fasten down on fraudulent immigration.

He entered the United States in 1991, travelling to San Francisco without documents or Identity proof, telling his name as D*******r S****h (An Indian Name), the Justice Department said.

Following, he avoided a court hearing, where he ordered to get extradited in the Year 1992.

A month after, he registered as refuge under the name B*******r S****h, which he dropped after getting married.

In the 1st week of the Year 2018, a Judge in New Jersey removed his nationalization relapsing him back to a rightful permanent resident – simply the removal proceedings.

An administration appointee of USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) said, “This case has sent a message for those, who’ve attempted to obtain US citizenship fraudulently.” The USCIS also plans to look-on 1,500+ similar cases.

The government charged a complaint against B*******r S****h in 2017, along with two Pakistan-born citizens.

The government also announced the end of a special protected status of Two-Hundred-Thousand immigrants, who’ve well-settled family with kids born in the US.


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