Indian-born dentist killed in Sydney, doubted ex-boyfriend dies in an accident


An Indian born dentist who went missing on 3rd March 2019 was found stabbed to death on 5th night in Sydney, sources reported.

Sydney police found the dentist’s body in a suitcase in her car; while examining more they found that her name was Preethi Reddy (32), a dentist from Glenbrook Dental Surgery in Sydney west. Police found the body with multiple stab wounds. They are investigating the situations raised before the woman’s death.

While investigating, Police got to know that Preethi stayed at a hotel in Sydney’s central business district on Sunday with her ex-boyfriend, who later found killed in an accident on the New England Highway on 4th March’s night before police found Preethi’s body.

Police has spoken to her ex-boyfriend before he got killed as a part of the investigation on 4th morning. The accident of him within a 400-kilometre range from Preethi’s body is believed to have been manoeuvred of a perfect plot.

Preethi’s missing was 1st reported by her family on Sunday after she failed to come home on Sunday night.

Police have been informed by the family that she made contact with her family at the midnight on 3rd, saying she planned to reach home after having a late small meal in Sydney.

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She was seen in a McDonald’s restaurant in Sydney’s central business district around 2’o clock in the night on 3rd March. Police said more news in a row will be updated about the case…


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