Indian-born schoolmaster sentenced for taping at a UK school’s toilets


A man (not discussing the name) placed a few cameras on toilet holders to tape dozens of females while using sanitation facilities, a Court said.

An Indian-born schoolmaster had been sentenced for more than three years after he found blameworthy to setting cameras at toilets in the schools, where he was working, in the UK.

The 46-year-old guy was reported by the Judge of the court “not entirely good & not entirely bad” while sentencing him in the last week after displaying out his erring obsession.

The guy had earlier alleged indictable to one malfeasance of trying to snap a lewd situation – one or more of the same and another twenty wrongdoings of practising sexual desire amid 2009 – 2017.

“The guy would have set the cameras at Lunchtime and then catch them up at a later time,” a legal barrister said in the court. “No one could even imagine that they being taped up while using sanitation facilities,” barrister added.

The judge had accepted it to be an “out-and-out transgression of credence” and a “shameless” act. “We should respect women’s dignity. Something like this act is a planned intervention into women’s privacy. The worst act that even someone could not imagine before. You had caused heartfelt harm to the victims,” Judge said.

The teacher, portrayed as an expert at his job, was caught when a student observed that he was attempting to tape her in the toilet and then reported him.

Police have caught 150+ videos of women or girls in the toilet. On examination, Police have found that he had cropped and trimmed the tapes so that he could watch back-to-back images of them.

Besides the sentencing order, the guy was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and prevented him from repeating such sexual acts for future.


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