wahi guru ji ka khalsa wahi guru ji ki fateh

Hey akal purkh sache patshah

Our eternal, true Lord

In these uncertain times feelings of anxiety and insecurity permeate our lives. We have gathered together to seek Your blessings for peace and harmony in this world. We beseech You to accord us wisdom to be guided by our better judgment, so that we may collectively seek the righteous path.

Deh shiva bar mohe shubh karman te kabhoon neh taroon

Give us wisdom; guide us to treat the interests of the community above our own. Bless us with the power to respect our many faiths. Help us to maintain amity and cordiality in our social interaction. Motivate us to make our discourse civil and well mannered. Keep us respectful of one another and let our choice of words not hurt those who we may not agree with.

Gand preeti mithe bol

Every day of our life brings forth new experiences – of joy and sorrow; of success and failure; of hope and despair; exhilarating and exhausting. Help us be open to one another and share our tensions, fears and anxieties. By speaking and listening to others we discover that a lot of what we experience is universal. As Nanak says, for long as we are in this world let us say some and listen some.

Jab lag duniya rahiey nanak kich suniye kich kahiye

Let us not forget the poor and under privileged. Most of them may find it difficult to get out of cycle of deprivation in spite of their earnest efforts. In times of crises, national disasters, and economic downturns, the needy suffer the most. Help us to help them. As Gurbani says Your blessings descend where the lowly are cared for Jithey neech samalian tithey nadar teri bakshish You have blessed us with a beautiful and bountiful land. You have blessed us with the will to work hard and attempt the impossible. You have blessed us to become a beacon, an impetus for other nations to further their goals and the lives of their people. Even though we have so much to be proud of, grant us a sense of humility, for modesty and righteousness are the qualities of those who are blessed with true wealth.  saram dharam doey nanaka jo dhan palley paaye

This world we live in is Your visible manifestation and everything created by You has a purpose. You have given Man a special role but You are happy with what You have created and joyfully tend and care for it.  You have created diversity, change, an array of options and given us the ability to pick and choose. In Your court we will be judged by choices we make. Learning to live in Your will and creating harmony in the times we live in is our true test

Waqt vicharey so banda hoey.

Guru Nanak in his compositions recognized the ills that pervaded the society of his times. He was a witness to the horrible suffering inflicted on the hapless civilians, men, women and children caught in the cross fire of the struggle for supremacy by the strong and powerful. He was deeply troubled by the plight, for centuries of the lower castes and women. His anguish at the suffering of the innocent was so deep that he even chided God that “Did Thou not feel compassion for their cries of pain?”

Aiti mar payee kurlaney tain ki dard neh aaya

We continue to hear those cries in so many places across the globe today. So much of this strife is in the name of or for the protection of tradition and values. Each side calls the other evil and all invoke You to their side. Men have forgotten that You created us as humans, not, as Nanak said centuries earlier, as Hindus or Muslims – our body and soul but belongs to the One – call him Allah, call him Ram

Neh ham hindu neh musalman, allah ram ke pind pran

Let us then in our moment of reflection remember these and several other pearls of wisdom that have come to us through the prophets, sages and savants. We cannot change the world and our influence may indeed be limited but it is not beyond our power to keep trying to make men of reason to assert their belief in the eternal truths and basic tenets of virtuous living. For ourselves at our level let us accept one another. Let us recognize that there can be several paths to the same destination. Let us learn to care and share, to love and to pray that God, in His beneficence, showers His mercy and blessings on one and all

Nanak nam chardi kala, tere bhane sarbat da bhala.

Thank you all for joining in our prayer

Nirmal Singh

New Cumberland, PA

Sep 20, 2007


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