Let Your Own Light Shine


Dreams are what our tomorrows are built on.
Dreams become goals when a decision is
made to follow them.
Dreams become goals reached when action
is put behind them.
To go to our graves without pursuing our dreams
is to put obstacles in our path to God
allowing things or other people to block
our creative selves disallowing us to become
the highest potential we can possibly be.

The sky is truly the limit because
God is limitless.
All things are possible with God as our co‐pilot.
Who is your co‐pilot?
A spouse, a drudgery job you are not content with,
a hobby, money, laziness, wasted time………?

Don’t let your light be a candle in the wind,
to be blown about by every wind and doctrine,
to be stifled by unloving friends, family, peers.
Let your own light shine.
Don’t be anyone’s shadow nor anyone’s puppet.
You have your own life, your own light,
your own destiny.

Strive to be your very best.
Reach for your goals and dreams.
Passions that are virtuous
were put there by God Himself.
Are you reaching for
YOUR dreams and YOUR goals?
If not, what’s stopping YOU?
The universe is God’s domain
and the sky’s the limit.

Think on these words and
let your own light shine.

Carolyn Bigler Hebert ‐ 2002
You are at the stern, but God is helping you;
therefore, God is your co‐pilot.

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