Prayer for All Mankind


In the Old Testament times, God’s armies were always led by the
priests. When the waters parted in the Jordan it was the priests’
feet which first hit the turbulent river. In the New Testament times,
Christians were also referred to as priests. We must, therefore,
go in first.

The call to action is our call first as civilians in the Army of God.
All we need to do is place that heavenly call. It is simple, no need
for a cell phone, no need for pen and paper. The call is simple, it
is prayer backed by faith. Therefore the line of communication is
open, the number is dialed and this is our conversation:

Father in the name of Jesus we are calling for Your protection and
Your guidance. Holy Spirit breathe Your breath on the paths of our
current President and our governing officials both Republican and
Democrat, on the national, state, and local levels to make clear their
paths and remove obstacles that may be there before them. Give to
them the knowledge for what is best for our peoples and what is best
for our country and not for personal gain or vendettas. Give to them
the wisdom to use that knowledge wisely. Without wisdom Lord, that
knowledge is useless.

We are also calling on Your protection for the innocent, Lord. Wars
do not protect all involved. Innocent lives are always at stake. Wars
are not always the ones fought on battle grounds. Wars are also those
unseen in the emotions, in homes, people starving, people homeless,
people jobless, people destitute, people hopeless, the unborn child
that people want to abort. We need new life to our dreams, to our
hopes for a better tomorrow Lord.

Open the eyes of those who do not know You and who are not fully
involved in helping our country to overcome the trials and
tribulations that have come upon us as a nation. Give new strength
and courage to those who do know You Lord and who are striving to
help this great nation of ours. Give them the courage to stand tall
and speak up and be bold as Paul was during Biblical times. We need
men and women of courage to help our new leaders. Bring us all
together as we should be for we are all one united in fellowship
with You, when we kneel and pray.

We are calling to pray that You in Your mighty power bring to justice
what is truth. Pierce the hearts of those who mean harm, dear Lord,
so deeply as to convict them of their evil ways. Bring about confusion
to their greed for power, for control of Your peoples. This nation has
long been turning to selfishness and too much greed, what is in it for
me with less concern for our fellowman, our neighbor, and our friends.
Not only is it hands across the table but hands across the waters for
we should be reaching out to all peoples, all mankind. It is way past
time to stop bickering, stop spreading falsehoods and twisting what is
truth to make it evil.

For too long, Lord, too many people are turning their backs on You.
They are opting for the quick buck, the quick fix, the quick anything.
You, Lord, are not a machine we can turn to and expect answers to our
prayers in a microwave minute. Then too, there are many who only pray
for selfish reasons not even thanking You for prayers answered. How
many people don’t even realize how many miracles have occurred in their
own lives? Prayers answered are in Your timing. The universe, planet
earth was created in Your timing.

Too many people are not setting good examples for children, their
co-workers, their friends, their relationships, their family. It is too
often the ‘what’s in it for me first, then maybe I will help you. You
never know when the person you help today will be the very person
you will have to depend on for help to maybe save your life. Think
about the lady you were rude to in the grocery store. She just might
be your nurse or doctor someday. So we ask for patience Lord.

We are praying for wisdom and revelation instead of love, compassion,
and courage. Lord, we know that knowledge without wisdom is really
useless. Wisdom helps to know how to use that knowledge. Revelation
reveals how to use that wisdom to know how to show love, to show
compassion, and to be courageous. Wisdom and revelation go together
and without them love, compassion and courage are virtually empty.
Come Holy Spirit, without your revelation for how to use wisdom, we
are functioning under your own power, not the will of God. Reveal in
us the wisdom needed to use the knowledge needed to correct the
turmoil in our land.

In advance we thank You for You are almighty and powerful. Only You
are more powerful than anything the enemy may toss at us. You Lord
are more powerful than any illicit drug, illicit affairs, illicit sex, unlawful
acts, lust for money, lust for power, control over people, and vicious acts.

You, Lord, had Gideon reduce his army from 32,000 to 300 men. They
were equipped with nothing but trumpets, pitchers, and torches. When
Gideon gave the command, You made the enemy flee, crying and turning
on each other. You, God, messed with enemy plans. We are calling on
You to mess with the enemy’s plans. Our government, our country
and our military need our prayerful support.

It’s a long prayer, Lord, but we are long on problems in the world.
America is not alone. These are universal problems. So say a prayer
for all mankind.

Thank You for hearing our call. In sweet Jesus’ name we complete
this call. Amen and Amen.’

Spend a little time with Jesus ‘cuz he spends a lot of time with you. So can
you not tarry an hour? Start in baby steps. Ten minutes can grow to an hour.
In the garden Christ asked could you not tarry an hour?

If you are not in prayer daily why not? The first thing you do in
the morning when you get out of bed controls you. That does not mean
putting your feet on the floor or going to the bathroom. It means
do you spend time in Facebook first? Do you turn your television on
before praying? Is your cup of coffee and/or cigarette your lord?
This list could go on and on and on. That’s how we try to start our
day. Before I get out of bed I say The Lord’s Prayer to clear my
head. My husband gets up earlier and stands before the manger scene
still on our fireplace mantle and prays. That is why we keep it
there. It also does not mean we are without fault. But this is
our usual routine.

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? Think about
that question honestly.

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