Reminiscing about our Childhood


Today I was reminiscing about our childhood, the houses we lived in and our dogs. Do you remember having to clean your dog’s teeth and having any of them pulled? We don’t. Our pets did not eat commercial pet food. That came into existence after WWII when whoever they is wanted to know what to do with left over chemicals. Oh….make pet food. Did you ever think you had a small house? We lived in what we recognize now as small houses but back then we thought they were big houses. Then too what about having purchased so much you think you need a larger house to have a place to put everything. Then you have this bigger house so you buy more things and need or want an even bigger house. Then you get that bigger house and your children are grown and gone and you start downsizing. I’ve said it before, that little two room house we lived in after WWII, yes it was a small house and yes we did need a larger house, but it would have fit in our living area several times. Somebody told me that former Pres. Jimmy Carter and his wife live in the same house they have always lived in. Amazing! But then they always lived in the same town too. Many people nowadays move from city to city and state to state, sometimes their jobs take them other places. We are a mobile society nowadays. With all those moves we left friends behind. Some people are fortunate to have the same friends all their lives. Some people are fortunate to go back “home” to the same house they grew up in or the same town and/or community. I missed having the same friendships but I also experienced a lot of life I would have missed. Sooooo it’s life and we must live it to the fullest. Don’t hide your talents under a bushel and don’t let your dreams lay by the wayside because somebody told you that you can’t do it. A good memory of mine is something that helped me with recovery from the brain injuries was what an aunt told me when I said I could not roll my own hair when my cousin was rolling hers. I was twelve years old. We used bobby pins back then. She told me “Can’t never could do anything and your name ain’t can’t.” Those words have always stayed with me. And my French teacher said, “Write it five times and it becomes your.” Repetition helps with memory recall. Just a few thoughts that passed my mind on our outing today.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

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