The femininity of Gurugram: A woman raised an ‘earthenware bank’ to curb plastic pollution


A 45-year-old resident of Gurugram, Haryana, has started an earthenware bank that takes steel utensils such as platters, bowls, cups, and other similar items to impart them to clubs and organisers at various programs and event. The impressive part of this is – it’s free of cost! Everything one needs is to provide clean and washed items. One can contribute countless to the bank made of earthenware.

One-time use plastic products produce an environmental exposure when dumped. With a whole of the world embedding restraints on their use, a woman from Gurugram, Haryana, has taken a step to use them as the alternatives in our everyday life, she is the only person who started executing ideas to limit the use of plastic in a small but significant way.

Her one of the ideas clicked here that uses the disposable plates and glasses to get reused in her ‘earthenware bank’ that accommodates steel utensils for various programmes and functions – all of this is for free.

Describing how she began this one of a kind ambition, she told one of the best news channels that she had always envisioned serving people with the needful like supplying glasses of water to commuters. She got an idea of ‘earthenware bank’ when noticed a large number of disposable plates, glasses that were left over after any religious food offering in public places. The plastic waste would then mix in the drains and degrade the environment, farmland.


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