UP police shot an Apple representative while patrolling for not stopping the car


More questions are arising by the series of events described by the police.

He had never thought that it would be his last night in this world, on 29th Sept 2018, when he decided to drop one of his colleagues at her home. He was a sales employee at Apple, an American multinational technology – which has an office located in Delhi NCR region, was shot dead on Saturday by a constable of UP (Uttar Pradesh) police in Lucknow. The reason was, for not stopping the car for checking. The policemen were on patrol duty and had asked to stop the car and it was not, so which they thought to ram at them and eventually, one of them shot the guy, patrolling policeman said.

The name of the victim was “Vivek Tiwari”, who was about to drop his colleague “Sana Khan” at her home when the encounter type incident happened though it was not.
After that, a case has been filed against the policemen, “Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep”, who were on patrol on Saturday night, said SSP. And they were arrested and suspended from the service.
“It was like a nightmare and still looks like the incident is happening in front of me. On that night, we tried to avoid them, and they were like wanted to stop us. And then I heard a gun firing. Our car then crashed into a wall. Mr Tiwari was bleeding and lost consciousness”, a prima facie report said.
He was, then, hurried to a hospital where he died due to the injuries.

Mr Tiwari’s wife has asked a CBI inquiry into the incident and sought the role and purpose of the police.


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