What Is A Poem?


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What Is A Poem?

A poem is a group of words that are:
Magical, lyrical, mystical, satirical, and
sometimes sadistically, put together
to stir the imagination and emotions of its audience.


A sign is more than a sign to a poet.
A sign can become a poem.
A sign is more than the colors and letters.
A sign can transport the reader to the place
the owner wants the audience to go.

The letters are more than the colors and lights.
Are the lights vibrant? Are the letters moving?
Write what you see when you see a sign,
what you really see when you see a sign,
not just the color of the letters and
the letters and the sign itself.
IF there were sound what sound
would you put with the sign?
IF there were motion what motion
would you put with the sign?
What emotions do the sign invoke?

A tree is more than a tree.
It is the trunk, the roots, the leaves,
the spines on the leaves,
the colors of the leaves,
the way the tree moves when the wind blows,
the age of the tree,
the shade the tree produces,
the fruit the tree produces or does not produce,
the way the tree changes during the different seasons.
A tree is more than green and brown,
a trunk, limbs, and leaves.
It is a living thing and it breathes and moves.
It lives and it dies.

What is a poem?
A poem is a description of what we see
and what we feel and who we are.
It is the very essence of our core being.
It is laughter, it is tears, it is prayers,
it is longings, it is hope of things to come,
it is thankfulness of things past,
it is wow I didn’t know that,
it is what it is because the poet thought it first
and wrote it second and the audience read it third.
So is a poem a poem without an audience?
© 2009 Carolyn Bigler Hebert


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