WhatsApp was down in India at the SOY 2018


Millions of people in India reported that the WhatsApp messages were not sent for almost 2 hours after 12 am on the 1st-day of the Year – 2018, as people over the world suffered neither receiving nor sending messages on WhatsApp after welcoming the New Year.

There was a technical glitch at 00:12 IST and it continued for almost One-Half hours, came to an end at 01:35 IST. The app appeared to display a download failed message and an unsent status to the messages sent. WhatsApp apologized for this in the morning.

We’ve updated a few screenshots below that received in our inbox.


We’ve received about 2,000+ reports that the app was not functioning, but this fell to 400 at 01:30 IST.

The Country – New Zealand was the 1st to say bye-bye to 2017, accompanied by Australia, and then Japan, China, Hong Kong including North Korea.

In India, the frequency of message-exchange went down when a large of users noticed about the temporary-stop on WhatsApp. It means India has a large number of Online Users on WhatsApp, as it is the only moment when people use to connect with their loved-ones. Due to a huge user-access, the server(s) might go down in processing. At this moment, the WhatsApp messages were failing to send.

The stricken regions on the Map appeared to be India, the UK, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

WhatsApp does not have a Blog-page to update its users about the downtime status neither the official Twitter account does it, which should notify users in a tweet when the app is encountering problems.

Users on social media discharged their disappointments using the #WhatsAppDown hashtag.

An official from the company said: “WhatsApp users experienced a technical interruption today while sending/receiving messages, which get resolved NOW. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”


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