Why Grandpa Called Me Buger


I picked the dirt between my toes

That’s why grandpa called me buger

Don’t ask why he chose that name

‘Cuz I never picked my nose

Really that’s just not the same

Why didn’t he call me sugar?

I always wore my play clothes

Rarely ever did I wear shoes

So why dirt got between my toes

Only heaven knows.


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Moonlightflower is the name I chose for my Native American heritage and it is also my pen name. My research revealed we are descended from the Chitimacha, not Cherokee like we were told as children. There is Cherokee on the Goodrich side but it comes from the wife's side of a Goodrich which is not in direct line with my brother, sister, and me. Further back in our family history there is MicMaq Indian. Many Americans can probably trace back to some Native American in their bloodline, some direct and some not direct descendancy. Click on the URL above (http://moonlightflower.org/) below my name and you'll be redirected to my website...


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