Wing Commander returns home after took-hold-of for 2 days and 12 hours in Pakistan


Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman (Indian Air Force), a pilot, was liberated by Pakistan as a “gesture of peace” after he was protected over from local by their army. Wing Commander’s aircraft was shot down by Pakistan when seen entering their radar range. However, he ejected while it was crashing, and caught, hold in-between Pakistan locals. For the safety of the people, he abandoned the weapon and tried to escape, however, failed to do so due to the parachute. The locals, there, were tried to manhandle him, however, before they could do something harsh, the Pakistan army reached and rescued him. He was then, taken to a hospital for treatment, and provided with all the facilities required at that moment.

On Thursday, Pakistan PM Imran Khan issues a statement to release him and give back to India signalling to not to put the situation into a large scale which might lead to a serious disagreement or argument.

Wing Commander Abhinandan was handed-over to ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross) under rules of the Geneva Convention and brought at the Wagah border. Everything seemed fine then and there, as well for the future. In the interim, the other pilot (Pakistan Air Force Wing Commander Shahaz-ud-Din) who was mistook as an Indian pilot was killed by his own people in their territory. He was hospitalised and then died from the effect of the injuries.

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